Anthropology sucks

by lulla

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Abandoned EP
"Well, what can we say. It never was before what it couldn't be today what it never was what it wasn't yesterday."
"This is complete rubbish".
Are you english? Said a Journalist.
"No, just rude."
S describes this as the last lulla EP and the last lulla in general.
"When something becomes un-fun or just routine like you're punching in a clock and just getting through it - - without really caring if it's good or not or perfecting it - - well, it's simply not fair to yourself. If you're not giving it 100% then you've given less than what should have been expected. That's mundane."
"So, what is it then?"
"Goodbye. Just churning out one EP after the other each being less good than the one before. This is a representation. A portion of what we were doing. The last tid bits. Nothing else was like this. The rest just wasn't good enough. Not saying this is really good. It was just decided, let's just quit. Forget finishing it. I wasn't excited about the songs or have I been for some time, and it's just like stop wasting my time and the time of others. I don't really want to finish these songs or hear these songs. They don't make me feel good. They might show up one day, who knows. It's time to re-tool. Just as I did after, 'Almost Positive'. I quit".

The other songs:
You're boring (mixed)
The new me (mixed)
Teenagers in the park (unfinished un-mixed)
Take me down (to the nursing home) (un-mixed)
Bad lemonade stand (Un-finished, un-mixed)
Bone dropper (un-mixed)
Crickets and beetles (no vocals recorded, un-mixed)

Wooden shoes (on the water) (not recorded)


released June 25, 2017



all rights reserved


lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
Neither were damn iphones and ipads.

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