Concubine penicillin

by lulla

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Another EP just in time for Spring

And now yet another interview/press release regarding the EP featuring lulla frontman S
S: "So, you're back."
Interviewer: "Oh, yes, I am and regrettably so.....So?"
S: "Sooooo."
Interviewer: "I see you've semi improved on the cover this time and even some of the lyrics."
S: "Yeah, I guess, and your point?"
Interviewer: "I just mean-"
S: "Did you even listen to this EP?"
Interviewer: "No, I didn't".
S: "SO, why are we having this interview then?"
Interviewer: "Because we have to. So then. Let's talk about some of your lyrics."
S: "K".
Interviewer: "What does, 'Don't cry over spilled paint mean?'
S: "It rhymed with think."
Interviewer: "That's it? That's the only reason you said it?"
S: "Yep."
Interviewer: "Ok? Is this EP better than the last one?"
S: "Yep. How would you know, you didn't even listen to it."
Interviewer: "Well, I-"
S: "Next question."
Interviewer: "Where does the cover come from?"
S: "It's from Jada Fitch."
Interviewer: "Jada Finch?"
S: "No, FITCH."
Interviewer: "Oh, Fitch."
S: "Yes."
Interviewer: "You guys just bought it from her or what."
S: "Yes and what. We did. We asked."
Interviewer: "Ok, well, I guess that's all the questions I have for you then. Do you have anything to ask me?"
S: "..........ask you? Why would I ask you? This is my interview?"
Interviewer: "Do you have anything to add?"
S: "No, man I just want to get the fuck out of here now. That's all the questions you have for me are you fucking kidding me, it's been like a minute. What about how we made it and what about the songs?"
Interviewer: " did you make it and what about the songs?"
S: "Nope, forget it. Too late. If I have to tell you how to do your job, I don't know what the point is. THAT is a problem. You know what, how did I get stuck with YOU for an interviewer..AGAIN. Do you have another interviewer for next time? Why do I always get stuck with this bozo? This looney is pretentious."
Interviewer: "I'm right here."
S: "I don't care. You are terrible at this. This is the worst interview ever."
S: "Ever."
Interviewer: "You can go now"
S: "Oh, I can go now. Oh, whatever. I hope you get fired. Thanks for ruining my interview, you jerk. They actually pay for you this? Ha. HA! That's laughable. That's like asking a nun to coach a little league game. Give up now and just quit."
Another girl: "Hey, I can interview you."
S/Interviewer at same time, "Who are you?"
Another girl: "I am Shelia, I am an understudy and also interning. It would be a great opportunity to interview you."
S: "Oh, well, sit your lily white ass down then. You, get the fuck out of here." (Motions to interviewer and interviewer walks out)
Interviewer: "Good luck, lady."
S: "Oh, fuck him."
Several uncomfortable moments pass of smiling and getting comfortable in the seats.
Shelia: "So."
S: "Hellloo Shelia."
Shelia: "Ha ha, hello, so tell us about this album. How did you write the songs, what steps did you take to record them."
S: "See, we're off to a better start already! We got rid of the fru fru idiot and now the real interview begins. Shelia, you are beautiful."
Shelia: "Well, thank you, but I have a boyfriend."
S: "So? So what? What does that have to do with anything? You're still beautiful."
Shelia: "Well, thank you."
S: "Now, about the album. By the way, I have a girlfriend too. Yep yep. So anyways, the album. I'd say this one is a real return to form. It sounds like our old stuff. It's really been a weird ride. Last year our stuff and everything before this was so not lulla. We have some string stuff, some flute stuff. Instrumentals. I love the title track. There's some really weird environmental stuff. Ambient noise. But we really worked harder on getting down some things that might have been wrong. Adding a little thing here, you know, making it better. The title track was originally way shorter but we added a guitar part with another verse Just a really good EP that was worked on."
Shelia: "Well, that's good. It's too bad I didn't hear this EP, I would have been better at asking you some questions-
S: "Well, you should anyways."
Shelia: "Should what?"
S: "Listen to the EP."
Shelia: "Oh, I will, I will."
S: "Ok, well, that's good! Well, good enough for me. I gotta get going..."
Shelia: "Oh. Well."
S: "You have a good'n"
Shelia: "Bye."
S: "Hey, can I have your number."
Shelia: "My number? Why do you want my number? I said I had a boyfriend."
S: "Yeah, I know you did. Had? Don't you mean HAVE?
Shelia: "Yes, I meant have."
S: "Do you really have a boyfriend? Or are you just saying you have a boyfriend?"
Shelia: "No, I really have a boyfriend, here, I'll show you a picture."
S: "No, that's ok. I just think you are an interesting person and I'd like keep in contact."
Shelia: "Oh?"
S: "I want to ask you when you listen to the EP what you thought of it."
Shelia: "Oh, well, how about I just call YOU then? Oh, wait, do you have an e-mail."
S: "Oh, well, E-mail is not really the same."
Shelia: "Ok, ok. It's fine I'll give you my number. Are you ready?"
S: "Yes. Wait, you're not going to call me, are you? You're not going to listen to the EP."
Shelia: "No, I will, I promise I will."
S: "Mmm. Okkkk and the 7 digits are?"
Shelia: "1-800."
S: "1-800?!"
Shelia: "Oh, that's my old number, sorry. 757."
S: "757."
Shelia: "633."
S: "Hmm-mmm".
Shelia: "6358."
S: "635....635 what?"
Shelia: "6358."
S: "Ok, 6358. I got it."
Shelia: "Oh..."
S: "There's something vibrating down there."
Shelia: (pulls out phone) "Oh, someone's calling me. Oh, it must be you. 789 477 4700?"
S: "Uhhh, no, that's not me."
Shelia: "This isn't you?"
S: "No, that isn't me. You just gave me a fake number. I knew it! Why would you do that?"
Shelia: "Hey man, I did not. You called 757 633 6358?"
S: "Yeah, I called 777 633, oh, I dialed 777."
Shelia: "Yeah."
S: "Ok, let me try this again." (Dials)
Shelia's phone vibrates: "Is this you?"
S: (Looks at phone) "Yes."
Shelia: "Ok, well, you better get going, I'll go listen to that EP."
S: "Okey dokey. (Mutters, sure you will)"
Shelia: "See ya".
S: "See ya....bye."
Shelia: "Bye."
S: "Bye bye."
Shelia: "Bye Bye."
S: "Oh, wait there's one more thing I wanted to ask you."
To be continued....

And now the exciting conclusion of...THE INTERVIEW!
Shelia: "Yes?"
S: "Where can I get a good mocha half-caf expresso without any whip cream in it?"
Shelia: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, try Macnizshow."
S: "Oh, that's the one off of the corner of 57th and broadway that intersects with 1000th and 1 street?"
Shelia: "That's the one."
S: "Thanks, I knew you would know that."
Shelia: "I'm glad to be of some sort of assistance."



released May 20, 2017



all rights reserved


lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
Neither were damn iphones and ipads.

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