Doll I (EP)

by lulla

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About this download:
You are free to download individual tracks for free, but unless you purchase the whole EP, you won't get the booklet and lyrics. Includes the secret songs. If you feel like writing the band for a free download code, you may by scrolling down on the band page and clicking the contact lulla link on the right side of your screen.

About this EP:
This is EP I in a three EP set of the doll trilogy.
Tom wait of Kerrange! magazine had this say about the EP:
"Inbetween beautiful piano and very interesting melodies - - I can't decide whether lulla is spazzed out, strung out or just crazy. I can tell you I'd like to hear what else they can do in the trilogy, even though it might give me nitemares."
It's no wonder - - frontman S is going through a weird time - - at a press release for the EP he only uttered three words. Following in the after party though he did open up to interviewer Nancy 'fancy' Lieman. "It's not that weird." He began, "I mean it's kinda weird. I think I might come off as a madman or someone who is not all together - - someone that belongs in a mental institution, and while I'd like to believe that, the truth is, it's not true. It's different and creative. If you're comfortable with modern rock radio, then don't go searching for the truth."


released May 25, 2015



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lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
Neither were damn iphones and ipads.

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