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And now an excerpt from a private interviewer with lulla's frontman S for public printing, regarding the album...
Interviewer: "So, can you tell us about this album?"
S: "no."
Interviewer: "Please?"
S: "Ok, what about it?"
Interviewer: ".....".
S: "Well, it's an EP, first of all, not an album."
Interviewer: "Ok?"
S: "It's an EP."
Interviewer: "Yeah, you mentioned that."
S: "It's the first time lulla has given a shit since, god, it's been a while like stain'd."
Interviewer: "Could you refrain from using further profanity?"
S: "Sure."
At this point in the interview frontman S asks for a "fucking glass of water." Several uncomfortable moments pass as the two sit and the publicist has a few words with the interviewer and once S gets his water and takes a drink, the interview resumes.
Interviewer: "So, who are the mates?"
S: "Your mom."
Interviewer: "....."
S: "Oh, the mates. Right. We've got people playing with us. We've got Octonus playing with us. It's like us and guests."
Interviewer: "And who plays what?"
S: "I play everything."
Interviewer: "Wow, you play everything? No one else got to play anything?
S: "Nope."
Interviewer: "Wow, what an egomaniac. And the cover, can you tell us about that?"
S: "Well, some people shook maracas and things like things like. Octonus played keyboards on one song."
Interviewer: "Ok. Which song?"
S: "The happy hooker, I think."
Interviewer: "Do you really think things like, 'The happy hooker' and the sexually explicit lyrics of this EP are a good image for our children?"
S: "Well, define "image". If we're talking about images, this is a music album, it's got nothing to do with images. You know, you can't kill me with cliches. I wouldn't know what's a 'good image for children' since I didn't make it for children. If kids hear it, that's not my problem, that's on the parent for not watching after their kids and being bad parents".
Interviewer: "So, you would admit kids should not hear it?"
S: "Not if their following your guidelines."
At this point in the interviewer S drinks the rest of his entire glass of water and hands it to the nearby press pass guy.
Interviewer: "So again, the cover? What does it mean?"
S: "It's a cover. I made it. I'm sure you'll say something about the nudity".
Interviewer: "No. I just want to know what it means."
S: "That's up to you. I know what it means."
Interviewer: "And it means?"
S: "I said already, that's up to YOU. It's about empowerment, destruction, ruin and fish. We're all just fish food in the great circle of life. Know what I mean?"
Interviewer: "No. Who is the song, 'I'd paint a picture of you just so I could destroy it', about?"
S: "It's not about anybody in particular. It's more about ruling over somebody who is not good and being confident and having a sense of humor in the process."
Interviewer: "Sounds more like someone who's being an asshole."
S: "It is."
Interviewer: "Can you tell us-"
S: "It's about putting someone in their place who deserved it and having everyone on your side. Could I have another glass of water please? And this time without any shit in it."
Interviewer: "We have bottled water."
S: "I don't want bottled water. I want a glass of water. Glass of water that comes from a filtered jug or filtered faucet that doesn't taste like ass."
Interviewer: "We don't have any jugs".
S: "Well, you better go find one!"
Interviewer: "Can you tell us anything else?"
S: "I want to go back to talking about why lulla is giving a shit. It's the first time in a while we've really given a fuck, and I stress that because I am serious about making it good. There was a whole another album full of songs, which was going to be this EP. But they sucked. So I just went to make it better. You know, take a sad song and make it better. I didn't want to release another album full of crap, that I didn't believe was really good, or just acceptable."
Interviewer: "So, are you saying that's been the previous efforts?"
S: "I feel it has. Just making it acceptable. Just kind of experimenting. Recording everything I've written. If it was a song, i just made it so. And it's like, I don't have to record every riff I come up with. I just tried to make everything a song and I wouldn't scrap anything that was EH. And I wasn't giving it 100%."
Interviewer: "And now you feel you're giving it 100%?"
S: "Yes. I'm giving it as much effort as I can. There's a certain amount of not putting a whole lot of thought in things too. You know, just doing it - - songs like, 'Happy hooker', did that song quickly, but it was really good so I didn't have to scrap it. You can do songs quick and experiment, but they better be good. Another one, 'Grown up and boring', has been lying around for a bit waiting to find it's place. I just really like this EP and it's the first time in a while."
Interviewer: "Well, i'm sure there will be others who will be into this sort of thing. Speaking of which, how do you explain the lyrics to, "Grown up and boring"?
S: "Explain what"?
Interviewer: "What they mean?"
S: "They don't mean anything. It's about growing up and all the things you do when you grow up that suck".
Interviewer: "What does ROTNW stand for"?
S: "I don't know".
Interviewer: "You don't know"?
S: [The answer to this question, S shakes his head.]
Interviewer: "On that note, we'll wrap up this interviewer and I'd like to thank you for your time. Do you have anything further to add?"
S: "Nope."
Interviewer: "Ok-"
S: "Oh, it comes out April 31st"
Interviewer: "Wait, there is no April 31st."
S: "Exactly".
Interviewer: "So, you mean May 1st"?
S: "Nope."
Interviewer: "....."
Interviewer: "Anythinnnnnng else to add"?
S: "Nope."
Interviewer: "Ok-".
S: "Actually, maybe one thing I'd like to add - - I didn't get my water."
Interviewer: "We're out of time."
S: "K".
Interviewer: "S'it?"
S: "Yep."
Interviewer: "Ok, thank you for the interview and thank you for your time."
S: "Thank you and go fuck yourself."


released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
Neither were damn iphones and ipads.

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