T​.​U​.​M. IV: The rest of the Octonus shit

by Octonus

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Following the Totally unreleased man series, in addition is Volume IV. Which focuses on lulla's ugly cousin, Octonus, which take full center stage spotlight. For a virtually unknown band and an album that almost no one's heard, it only seemed like the next logical step to release the rest of the music unearthed from the debut album sessions of space age band, Octonus: The band from outer space. Released in 2015, this secret album has been spread around to random people, friends, radio stations, celebrities and random record stores across the country. Track 4 (actually track 5) of the album was featured on cult radio show, coast 2 coast am with George Noory. The original 8 track album (actually nine) came in a standard jewel case CD with an extra CD strapped to the back of 10 songs of B-sides with, 'The world is going to end (and I feel fine) unlisted at track #11. There also were special editions with an extra song. The album is currently back in print with new stickers. The original album also came with a personalized envelope written by the band snuggled nestly inbetween the B-side pouch and Jewel case, which spoke of Octonus' mission and message. Those original envelopes are no longer in production. The album is available by request by e-mail only - - anytime. All these additions (songs) are nothing of new knowledge. The list of the B-sides inside the CD tray clearly lists the 'rest' of the songs. This compilation still isn't technically, 'all of them', but it's the rest worth hearing. Well, kinda. The ones that have been lying around the band wanted people to hear. There was a ton of songs. Just a time to experiment and create. There also are a few different versions of the album and B-side tracks like, 'The ape man', and so forth. Those probably shouldn't be heard just yet until enough people hear the album. Why hear the other version when you haven't even heard the first version? And now without further ado, about these songs. Exclusively only on bandcamp.

1 - Just a experiment. Kind of disturbing, but that was the point. Whatever.
2 - Before 'hearts' was pieced together, this was the original collage. Just didn't make it because it simply wasn't good enough.
3 - Instrumental. What can be said. If you're thinking it's not really staying in time, you're correct.
4 - The next star.
5 - I don't really like this song. You could classify this as 'filler', but we needed another song, so there you go. One of my favorite titles, 'Robert Downey Jr Jr', did not make this cut. But the song is just average so, meh.
6 - This is the most famous song no one's ever heard. The beginning and end were cut from, 'Clowns (we're all)', which was just a sloppy loppy mess and then cut in the middle was this other thing.
7 - Experiment. At the time, it was eh. It's nice to hear now.
8 - So after 7 tracks, finally one with vocals. Trademark Octonus' vocals in true fashion, this punker is not really anything amazing, but it is cool. My favorite heavy Octonus are 'IWSV' which appears on T.U.M. III and is classified as lulla. The other punk staple, 'My phonebills ringing off the hook', has not seen the light of day and has not had a proper release and also does not appear on this compilation. What the fuck :( 'The rest' MY ASS!
9 - This reminds me of 6.
10 - This reminds me of the B-side, 'Here's to proclivity'. Fav.
11 - I guess this could also be referred to as filler, but whatever. Not my favorite actually. But it has a redeeming, soothing quality to it.
12 - This is definitely unearthed from the bottom of the stockpile.



released May 3, 2017



all rights reserved


lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
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