Totally unreleased, man II

by lulla/octonus

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Unreleased (leftovers, scraps) from lulla and lulla's ugly cousin, Octonus.

Liner notes.

1. + (AKA The positive song) I had just quit a long standing job after a very bitter disagreement and at the brink of a freak out and realizations, I tried to write this as sort of a hopeful song. Of course, the sound turned out to be pretty much opposite of what I was intending, very dismal. I kept it around because it did turn out nice, just not at all hopeful. It brings back bad memories. On the "plus" side, later that nite, I was asked to come back to work.

2. Damn you, sunday nite, damn you - Just an acoustic little ditty reminiscent of how sunday nite makes me feel.

3. T pizzicato - 'Rotten music' outtake

4. Grim reaper crook - Hmm, yes, the first selection from 'Octonus': The experimental space band. So much came out of this 'project' and at the same time as lulla, so a lot of unreleased junk was not quite on par with the album. This, however, was just a song that probably could have been a B-side, but turned out to be a leftover, but eh.

5. I was the walrus - More Octonus. There's "three" versions of that Octonus album, including one with the bonus track on the 'special edition': 'Umbrella at noah's ark'. This song however was going to be on the second 'special edition' one and never was because there never was a second one. Deservant of a most hear.

6. Boring colour of a car for a boring man - Didn't fit or make the album/B-sides for Octonus. I love the title and song.

7. Been a fool - A dusted off, forgotten gem from the 'rotten music' period. This sounds very GBV-ish to me.

8. Bossomy - Originally called, 'Her bosom'. This is a socra outtake which had a nice idea, but was not really worked on. This is a fairly sloppy representation of the song. But, included here because reasons.

9. Ling la yu ting - Just a IGTLFLBM leftover.

10. I torched the amp - A representation of what was happening at the time - - - flyswatter

11. Old war veteran -Original - This is the original version of this song that was on, 'Rotten music' which was not allowed to be on the album at the request of the co-songwriter.

12. Hooker cop - Not really Octonus and not really lulla but has found a place on this collection. An enjoyable little jam, man.

13. Hacking - When gathering scrapped songs for an unreleased collection, you realize why it didn't make it. And you're happy you didn't include it. It was just a song from that period. Peter Jackson's cutting room floor is non-existent. That's why his movies suck. 'ABC' is barely in existent itself. Rare as shit EP.


released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
Neither were damn iphones and ipads.

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