Totally unreleased, man III:

by lulla

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As with the previous volumes, 20 mins of weirdness, discarded scraps from previous efforts.

1 Razor sharp fangs (Doll) From the doll I sessions. Just an experiment in weirdness. And it's not really good either, but it represented what was being done at the time. Included because reasons.

2 Lollygagging lollygagger (Amateur hour III) Not much to say here. Just for the title alone. Didn't fit on the album, just an outtake.

3 When is summer coming back (Amateur hour III) Located in the 'scraps' folder, when I first heard this, after kind of forgetting about it. I was like, what thhhhhhheeeeeeeee @#!$ This is amazing! The beginning should have been longer, and for that, I take full responsibility. A.H. III is a really difficult EP, I feel. I don't think I like it? Side two is just too weird. The overall sound and mixing of the EP is displeasing to the ears. This might have been a nice compliment to "Pupil", but what's done is done, I guess.

4 I think i'm starting to like it (Un-true) Finally sharing this one. This is an extremely rare song. Only known before to ancient fables and old wives tales, this was in running order, before it was replaced by, "Five is all you need." I just listened this song a ton of times and realized I didn't like it. "DP nitemare", was on the same level as this.

5 Elvis is alive (Amateur hour III) He is. An outtake.

6 Denapsed (Doll sessions) Another one I was hiding. This is a lot like, "Beg" and could have been on II, but I realized it's stupid and the world did not need two, "Begs".

7 IWSV (Outtake) This was recorded at the end of the 'Octonus' sessions and before ABC. So it's not really octonus and it's not really lulla? At the time, it was written off as some one time crap. Looking at it now though, I LOVE IT. I was going through a vegetable obsession. So, IWSV=I want some vegetables.

8 From the halls of the montezuma crush (Rotten music for rotten people) So? This was recorded in the early RMFRP sessions. And just a jam of what was trying to be done at the time. In the original multitrack, the guitar file was missing, so, all I had to know when going back over 'scraps' was some weird organ and then I eventually found the track and I was like, well, it's not too bad.

9 Tall (ABC) Outtake. Wasn't that informative?

10 This is a game over (Rotten music for rotten people) Nice little jam w/electric guitar.

11 It's not quacamole or quesadillas or lulla, it's guacamole, quesadillas and lulla, get it right (Rotten music for rotten people)

We had to shorten that long ass title because we don't have the paper space. If you're wondering what the fuck that title means. People mispronounce these words as they do our name. So, get it right. Feel me? MOLE. Dil LUH? Are you fucking kidding me? LUH-LUH.

12 If you thought hippie man was awkward (Amateur hour) This is in reference to a song off the super rare, "ABC" EP, "Hippie man moved out". A hippie that made my life awkward living in the studios was replaced by some super awkward squatters. And it sucked.


released February 2, 2017

Bad Karaoke records



all rights reserved


lulla Colorado

Lulla is from Colorado.
Computer speakers were not meant to hear the music as it was originally intended. Please use headphones. It's luh•luh. Please pronounce it right.
Neither were damn iphones and ipads.

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